About Special Ops 99 Security

80 Years Experience Combined

Special Ops 99 was established in 2004 when three security directors merged forces to create the ultimate recipe for security, medical and technical services. With a combined total of 80 years experience, the directors have taken Special Ops 99 from strength to strength.

We are PSIRA registered and BBBEE level 2 compliant.

Vision Statement

Special Ops 99 aims to create a safer South Africa by providing world class skills and services to specific sectors within the private and public space. Special Ops 99’s Vision is to grow, and adapt services into new sectors and geographies within South Africa, to uplift communities, create employment and grow skills. Special Ops 99 envisions growth through strategic decisions, sustainable business and strong relationships with primary and secondary stakeholders.

Special Ops 99 Security
Special Ops 99 Security

Our approach

Special Ops 99 approaches every situation and requirement with the utmost professionalism in order to create tailor made end-to-end security solutions. We understand the South African environment, challenges and pain points in order to deliver top quality services and solutions to our client. Once achieved, our work is not done. We go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Our client-centric approach puts out clients and their communities in the centre of all decisions to ensure a sustainable and holistic professional relationship is achieved and maintained.

Special Ops 99 often links up with governmental agencies to perform task force operations and investigations. We believe a close relationship with the police force is of paramount importance to ensure a safer South Africa.

Our approach

Special Ops 99 is known for being pro-active and innovative in our Security Services approach, taking advantage of innovation and technology to deliver the best solutions possible. Our mission is to eliminate crime to ensure the safety of our clients, their assets and the surrounding community’s well-being.

Our team comprises of Operations Mangers, On-site Training Managers, Protection Officers, Reaction services and an In-house task force comprising of ex-SAPS and Military members.

We proactively monitor our clients communities with 360 degree camera enabled vehicles to ensure the areas are kept safe and any suspicious behaviour is investigated and reported.

Special Ops 99 Security


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