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Guarding & Access Control


Our first course of action in order to design the correct solution for the client is a site visit and assessment performed by unmarked personnel in unmarked vehicles. We primarily perform two assessments, one guided, one at night unannounced. We assess the perimeter, risks, hazards, existing technology, as well as other threats. Once completed we compile recommendation proposals. Once accepted we formulate and formalize the SOP’s for the site. These SOP’s change regularly to cater for unforeseen threats, advances in crime and technology. This enables us to ensure constant improvement

Our recruitment process is guided by the site-specific requirements, qualifications as well as client specific requirements. Once these are above satisfactory, our guards are thoroughly trained, briefed and deployed.

The Right Amount of Safety

The use of security technology as well as in-depth planning ensures our security personal are alert, awake, and aware of their surroundings at all times. Through the utilization of technology we can ensure our security officers are productive and proactively performing their tasks. We have formulated strict disciplinary procedures and incentives to ensure that our customers receive the best service at all times. We have 24-hour communication via a two-way radio linked to the Police & Control Centre for mutual support. Modes of transport are supplied to sites that require such, in the form of Segway, Scooter, Quad Bike, Bakkie, Unmarked Vehicle and more.

  • Special Ops 99 security personal are of the highest quality, tested and vetted before they are employed. They are continually tested and monitored to ensure that they can operate according to and above the highest industry standards.

  • Each security officer is checked to ensure that they do not have a criminal record. They are trained on site specific operational requirements by our training officer and are paid the prescribed PSIRA rates. Training is done on an ongoing basis to ensure that our staff fully understands what is required from them on a daily basis. Security officers are visited regularly on site by our operations managers, to ensure that they are following the correct policies and procedures.

  • We also have 24-hour communication via a two-way radio linked to the Police & Control Centre for mutual support, as well as constant check ins via our control centre and onsite remotely accessed cameras.

  • Security Officers are equipped with: full branded uniform; flash light, non-lethal weapons, handcuffs, stationery, portable two-way radio and panic button/s.


Our Security Personal are trained both physically and mentally on a regular basis to ensure professionalism and excellence. Additional training and refresher courses are arranged for security personal in roles at clients that require additional skills and expertise.


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